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HOW to Buff Filled Scratches after they are filled
Here we show a super trick way how to fill in bad paint scratches and Chips on any car, truck, SUV, or motorhome. Our secret method works every time. This even works on paint chips with dents.
If you would like to help us out.


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Ceramic Coating



Ceramic Coating


Soft Sanding Boards

Lacquer Thinner

DeWalt Polisher

3M Hookit 7″ Pad

3M Wool Polishing Pad

WHEEL/Rim Polishing Kit


Carnauba Cleaner Wax


All Purpose Towels


Applicator Pads


Razor Blades
United Kingdom

Camera Used For This Video

Ceramic Coating

99% Alcohol
Fiber Towels
Wax Applicator
Fiber Towels
Dewalt Polisher Kit
3M Wool Polishing Pad
Mothers Wax
Wax Applicator

Ceramic Coating
Camera Used For This Video

Wax Applicators
Dewalt Polisher
3M Polishing Pad
Cleaner Wax

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  1. Farina Marcina

    I tested this on my new neighbours car, it didnt work lol

  2. SHeLLFiSH

    What do u think of the duplicolor paint matched spray cans? And do u need to clear coat wfter using the duplicolor spray paint?

  3. Calvin-Andre-Wayne Tercero

    Nice video and tips, very informative. Will do subscribe for more. More power to you @sweetprojectcars

  4. Clarence Gooding

    You may have stated or revealed in other videos, but what is your 99% (spray) you are talking about?

  5. Murat Öngül

    Hi there! Love the videos you share!! I just want to ask doni need to use paint+clear like you using on the other video??

  6. Invest Remotely

    Thank you so much! This really is the only video on YouTube that addresses key scratches in a simple practical method

  7. Sweet Project Cars

    Hello Everyone here is our promised video on FILLING badly scratched paint, this works for all chips as well. This method was one of our top secret secrets:) See this on how to finish buffing after your scratches are filled with our now, not a secret method LOL 🙂 ****HOW TO Buff AFTER Repairs Have a Great Thanksgiving and we will see you Friday with a boatload of updates in that video you will not want to miss that one*****

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