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  1. Jay Cee

    Can filler or glazing putty be applied over por15?

  2. Mark Gallagher

    Pete is real as it gets thanks for helping me on my mustang project

  3. Hector Romero

    Hi Mr. Pete.
    So before I got a chance to see and subscribe to your channel I had already purchased Eastwood rust encapsulator but was also told to purchase “PickleX20” to prep the metal before I spray the rust encapsulator. My question is can I just use your water vinegar method instead?

  4. Javier Sahagun

    So was the vinegar and water a homemade metal prep???

  5. K H

    Hey Pete , old video I know but you answered all my questions. I hope you're still making videos

  6. Larry Paggett

    Thanks Pete I really appreciate that

  7. David

    I understand and appreciate your experience.

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