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In this video I help my sister out by repairing her TIPM (totally integrated power module) on her 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.6L. The customer complaint was, no wipers. A quick diagnosis revealed a “wiper on/off” relay on the printed circuit board to be at fault. Now this is way out of my wheel house but I figured I had nothing to loose. You will see, the struggle was real in this one… good news is, it worked in the end and I learned a few things along the way. -Enjoy!

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  1. Powerstroke Strong 903

    Make your soldering life easy and purchase a hot air station even a Chinese cheap one $50 heat all the joints at same time and it would have taken under 5 min to replace the relay

  2. phonograf

    Big Clive? I'm still trying to recover from a couple of hours of his MBM New Year's Eve live broadcast I watched yesterday while working on something else. Way better than watching Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon get smashed on live network TV.

  3. Rich The Pontiac Guy S

    I just heated up and wiggle the relay out

  4. Jerry Forrester

    ipadrehab is awsome when it comes to soldering boards

  5. Phil Flowers

    You can do it. if I can do it you. Ten years as a tech for the dealer. If you can understand the basic of what you are looking for an it work you can tackle anything. Couple of YouTube videos you will be on your way. Never stop learning.

  6. randand1

    I imagined I was watching Steve Jobs building the first prototype apple computer in his parents garage in the 1970’s.

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