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Big thanks to Pole Star Products Limited for their help with the explosion-proof fans.

Find the fans I use here –

Thanks for watching. In this video, I continue with the spray booth build. I make up the main door sceletons, the roof beams, and start the extraction system. I’m going to be making these workshop videos more frequent as I’m really pushing to finish it as soon as possible.

Tools & equipment used:

Quartz Lacquer –
FIber Glass Filter –
Base Coat Paint –
Rust Remover –
Workbenches –
Moldex Full Face Mask –
FGL 5 Spray gun –
A.N.I. R150-T Mini Spray gun –
Colad Washable Overalls –
Colad Mixing Cups –
Colad TurboMix Sticks –
Colad Synthetic Paint Strainers –
Steel wire bits –
Rotary Tool –
Concentrate Degreaser –
Mannesmann Socket Set –

Time Stamps:

00:00 – AutoDoc & Pole Star
00:50 – Where we left off
01:20 – Making the doors
03:55 – Making the roof beams
04:09 – Attaching the roof support beams
04:58 – Attaching the roof beams
05:24 – Starting the extraction box build
08:15 – Epic fail
08:25 – Painting the new walls
09:05 – Continuing with the extraction box
09:29 – Cutting the fan holes
09:57 – The fans I’m using
10:45 – Wiring up the fans
11:31 – Installing the fans
11:39 – Cutting the mesh
12:27 – Fitting the Mesh
12:43 – Sealing the box
13:22 – Sealing the fans
13:48 – Cutting the filter
14:13 – Securing the filter
14:41 – FIrst Test

I am a complete amateur. I have no prior experience in any trade or schooling.

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  1. WDJS22

    ‘Explosion proof’?? I should bloody hope so

  2. Pekka Saarinen

    Nice to see a man who goes to extremes for his fans. 😜

  3. Eric Lien

    Ideally you'd have the air enter in the front of your booth area and discharge at the back end. Unfortunately that box will likely short circuit the air out the top and directly back in the front. so any spraying occurring on the opposite side of your booth won't have much benefit. The other downside to introducing the air back into the booth is you create a lot of turbulence, which can make it difficult to get fine finishes. I love all the hard work, and effort you put into this. But I think looking at how a standard paint booth operates first, and then attempting to replicate that might have been more beneficial in the long run.

  4. Spinge Bill

    yeet i just did the same thing a couple weeks ago

  5. seif belal

    Awesome man keep up the good work 👌🏻👌🏻

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