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  1. Mahmod dos

    عمل جيد . جميع المراحل . حب عملك .
    لاكن فرد المعجون خطأ .
    تمنياتي لك بالتوفيق .

  2. Junior Silva

    Here in Brazil we use plastic applicator to apply polyester mass, but each country has its way of doing things, great job.

  3. pitlion1

    Typically , what psi do you spray your filler primers at? Thanks for the vids.

  4. Pedro Tp

    Okey man we need all the show no problem the time

  5. Fotis Pap

    Hello!!whats the filler you are using?standox soft?

  6. Norbert NN

    How do you call in dutch painters helper? Dank je well

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