Car Maintenance Tips: Here are 8 preventative vehicle maintenance tips to help prevent costly repairs! Watch more Quick Tips:

00:06 #1: Batteries Last 3 Years
01:00 #2: Keep Your Fuel Above ¼ Tank
01:46 #3: Car History For Trans Flush
02:34 #4: No Cruise Control In Bad Weather
03:04 #5: Spare Tire Never Does The Work
04:30 #6: Leave Frozen Sludge Alone
05:17 #7: Never Cold Water In Hot Engine
05:42 #8: Car Battery Boost Tips

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’48 Chevy Fleetmaster (Part 3)

Fix A Leaking Seal In 10 Seconds

“Travelin'” by SWIB ( CC BY-SA 3.0

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  1. Latin Lover

    Only an idiot lets his battery die. I don't own jumper cables. I never had a battery die on me, why? Cause I keep tabs on it. I buy quality batteries and replace them way before they die. If someone has a dead battery and they need help, they better have cables cause I don't. In the end, is all their fault, dead battery, blowout tire, is all their fault for not caring.

  2. DIEhardHD

    Over rated mechanic get off the stage D Balls Garage

  3. mark jackson

    What.?? So don't change transmission fluid

  4. Upshift Z71

    Despite pulling 15k (with bags in the back) constantly.

  5. useless ghost

    I have a question I have a 1996 chevy pickup worktruck what batteries do you recommend I have a 8 year duralast battery and the truck struggles to start

  6. vaajchang

    Your explanation for tyranny flush doesn't justify why one shouldn't do one.

  7. FutureRN_Corey _

    My owners manual says change the transmission and transfer case fluid for severe use at 60k im sneaking up on that and do not know the vehicles history cause I just bought should I change it just to be safe

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