A complete low cost easy DIY car soft top/cabriolet roof repair product avaliable from ebay store eurosalesonline. Save pounds by doing the repair your self avoiding the high cost of specialist roof repairs.

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  1. Sanyey

    well..my problem is that my Kadett cabrio-s top has a ~6-8cm scratch just in the back corner of it, where it cant be reached from the inside, not to mention hold the two surfaces togetger over a night :S….. I guess theres no other way for me, than to put an outside patch on it :(( its going to be uggly :((( + a new top worths a fortune :SS

  2. Jedi-Wig_Splitta

    I'm about to try this on my s2000 and see if it works !!

  3. Max Ngo

    did it work???? I need to fix it on my s2k also…

  4. Paul Elmore

    I'm a donut i repaired on the outside. Now to picj it of and redo from the inside. Thanks for the video.

  5. Hanna Mathew

    how exactly are we supposed to do this on a car with the top still on the vehicle? of course it would be easy on a random piece of loose fabric


    this won't work if you have a tear and not a cut. Also, the top is still on my car and the tension won't allow this procedure

  7. Metalunique

    Good job!!! Learn something new everyday…

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