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Learn how to remove the dryer heater in your car AC system during car air conditioner repair in this free DIY auto-mechanic video from our expert in automotive AC repair and maintenance.

Expert: Mark Delgado
Bio: Mark Delgado is an ASE certified auto mechanic with more than 20 years of experience in automotive repair.
Filmmaker: John Carstarphen

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  1. drew hood

    AHHHH! go to another dealer antime the lines are open more than 24 hours the dryer should be replace or you asking for problems

  2. Turtlecurls

    It's low on freon is likely. When house heat pump A/C freezes and then starts forming ice, it's low on freon.

  3. Mike Strater

    expert village is fuckin flooding all the DYI video. some of it is pretty useless fuckin

  4. Frank Pawloski

    i need to know how to completley remove anything having to do with the A/C from a 1976 chevy C10 pickup, not fix a new POS truck.

  5. dipzzz

    waste of time watching this to extract any real information on how to remove air con from ur car.

  6. Joe Smartballs

    Useless videos! None of these video's show you how to discharge the A/C refrigerant. How is anyone suppose to DIY if we can't discharge the hot air from the system, legally! Waste money on DIY refrigerant and then pay Pep-Boys $85 to do it.

  7. Dashcam Dumbasses

    I honestly don't understand why I keep coming back to these videos. 1 minute won't teach shit.

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