Its all in using the right tools. or 972-420-1293

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  1. Alberto Hernandez

    How would you fill in the holes?

  2. V. E.

    World Class Jackass!!!! I wouldn't let this guy touch my vehicle.

  3. George Humphrey

    I use to use the small 36 grit grinding pads but found that a 4 inch 36 grit flap disc works better and lasts a lot longer than the little disc's and. Those little disc's aren't cheap. I work bondo the way you do but after I have it laid out I keep checking it and when it is beginning to cure I use what I call a cheese grader and scrap the bondo down in to shape. Put one final coat and when that it completely cured sand and finish.

  4. John Skaggs

    I'd rather hit my big toe with a sledge hammer than to listen to this ding dong for another 10 seconds.

  5. ellitestar

    this guy talks & sounds & looks a bit like
    Tommy Lee Jones..


    Dent puller where great for stealing cars back in the day.

  7. todd guevara

    I like your classes, Pete. I love the best tools and that you don't use crappy tools. Thank you

  8. Betty Goodson

    Pete the fucking Freak Wife Abuser with the Bozo Nose.

  9. ydnar slohcin

    You need a stud welder, easier and less chance of corrosion due to the holes your drilling. Stud welders leave no holes. Get with the program dude.

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