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Get some Air Compressor Oil Here

today’s video is Air Compressor Service and Maintenance and this is something most people don’t even do. Like your vehicle a Air compressor pump needs to have it’s oil changed as well. Air Compressor oil is a Special blend so don’t add regular engine oil to your compressor pump or it just may end up in premature failure. besides for changing oil I inspected and cleaned the air filters, checked and inspected the belt, oiled the pressure switch and looked for anything that needed to be done. Everything worked out great and the compressor is running up to par.

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  1. Rich J

    I like to urinate in mine while drinking beer as this helps to keep the oil thin and smelling nice

  2. Michael Ed

    "Time to take care of your tools and your tools will take care of you."

  3. Brian Toscano

    Use non-detergent or compressor specific oil. Something like Mobil Rarus 427 is fairly inexpensive. Amsoil makes some good stuff too.

  4. Ozzie Alarcon

    What's the general opinion on using Amsoil on a new compressor? Is it a good idea or should I put some time on the compressor with regular oil first?

  5. robert howell

    Anybody know where you lubricate the electric motor bearings? Or if it's even necessary

  6. Todd Hayter

    My compressor sometimes gets "stuck" on startup. I often have to give the pulley a tap or palm push to start. Currently, the guard is off. How do I fix this?

  7. vivek pandagre

    how much liter oil did you put in compressor

  8. Lisa Mullins

    How do you tighten the belt if it needs it? Great video by the way!

  9. 14thabz

    How often do you drain the water out of the tank?


    Blow into the oil fill and blast that oil out

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