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In this video we’ll learn the best way to sand primer for painting. Dry Sanding Primer is sometimes better then wet sanding but we’ll let you be the judge which is best. Car Restoration can be a big job unless you know how to DO IT YOURSELF!
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  1. rich will

    Hi pete, could we 180, then 400/ 500 dry or would there be no point thanks

  2. Peter Goodwin

    Again Petes right, great video again Pete. Thanks mate.

  3. JonDraeger

    Wow, I always wet sanded everything. No dust and you can sight the panel while it's wet. I guess the guide coat replaces that but is sure is nice to see that first set of reflections on a panel!

  4. Steve Lobo

    My friend Pete- I did some body work and did not get to prime – it rained the next day and the body work ( bondo ) got wet .. will it be okay if I let it dry out good?? Or should I resand and apply new filler???

  5. ceedell

    I prefer to dry sand to 320 too Pete, just what I've always done.

  6. Flannel Nemesis

    Hey Pete, quick question: do ever find it necessary to throw a guide coat between 180 & 320?

  7. GJBallew

    Pete i used a DA and an interface pad with 320 for my primer sanding. It turned out good. Is this a decent alternative?


    It's real simple — Do what works for you and stick with it! Check out the Merch. Above and SUPPORT MY FRIEND PETE!

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