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Thanks again to Mobil 1 motor oil for sponsoring last week’s video and hosting us at their Engine Test Center – since we like their products, we’ve included them in this episode too. Visit AutoZone to find the right high-quality Mobil 1 synthetic oil for you:

Great so you got your first project car, now it’s time to make sure that it is ready for some mods! Before we throw any new bits at our Mazda Miata we want to make sure that it is in good running condition and healthy. So, we will do some basic but very necessary maintenance on our project car and you should do the same. We will talk about and show you how to DIY change your engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, diff fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. We’ll also cover air filters, fuel filter, belts, and spark plugs. Even if you don’t have a project car these are all routine basic things that you can do yourself to keep your car running for a long time and also save some money!

Money Pit goes hands-on in the garage with Zach Jobe as he shows you the fundamental principles of how cars work, and how to apply your DIY knowledge to your very own project car –all using our very own 1994 Mazda Miata.

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  1. djhero0071

    I’m really digging this show. Also, COLLAB WITH FITMENT INDUSTRIES??!!!! 👀 (since I saw you guys say the next episode would be tires)

  2. cmonwork

    U put dioelectric grease on the boot and the top tip where the plug connects to the sparkplug. So electricity doesn't jump and corrodes

  3. DirtbikeTherapy

    Still covered the license plate lol

  4. Purple Heroine

    I have a 1989 honda civic hatchback, I don't have to worry about power steering fluid, because it doesn't have power steering. It's a pain in the ass to park sometimes.

  5. Stockton Lewis

    Doesn’t the W in oil stand for Winter?

  6. ledgeri

    I bet ChrisFixIt already found something missing from the list…. as well as me, and i am just at 6:26… (Drain plug seal???)

  7. Ammageddon89

    3000 miles or THREE MONTHS???!!! what kind of liquified poo are you running over there?! Here in Europe the least is 6000 miles or once a YEAR. Most newer cars having intervals of 10.000 miles or a year.

  8. Tofuu YAYA

    normal folks: too much work! too expensive! my car runs fine, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
    normal folks when their car broke down: GOD DAMN PIECE OF SHITE OF A CAR, MODERN UNRELIABLE CRAP!

  9. GSMJA •

    I really appreciate you guys doing this video, it’s one of the best I’ve seen. This inspired me to start doing the maintenance on my family’s car and my own car in the future

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