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  1. antifactionprogman


    my guess would be that the owner wants it to look like it's bran new- not repaired 50 years ago.

  2. Blazer2533

    @godofm3tal1 actually single stage is better cause with clearcoat if you get a scratch you might have to reclear the entire car or sections of it unlike single stage you can just touch it up and be done just my 2cents here since i prefer single stage over clear cause of the cost factor

  3. Blazer2533

    good job pete but i swear the more you spend with trevor the greyer your hair gets lol

  4. godofm3tal1

    @blazerlover25 First off… you CAN spot clear in… and its actually less noticable than most SS spot ins. If you spot in SS paint, you WILL see a transition. period. why? because you cant blend the color in. you have to wet sand it and buff it. and when you do that, you end up with a hard line of color. depending on how good the color match was, that difference could be catastrophic. ive blended and spotted bc/cc before and it was un noticable. and i didnt even use urethane reducer….

  5. godofm3tal1

    @blazerlover25 So yes, if you like cheap as all fuck… go ahead with single stage… and yes they do make quality SS products, but nowhere near as nice as BC/CC… and dare i say, try shooting a metallic or pearl in single stage, and see how far you get lol better lay it down flat… cuz you wont be buffin that shit…. not very successfully anyways… lol so while i appreciate your 2 cents, as a professional painter, im here to tell you those pennies are counterfeit lol

  6. Johnny Cash

    @godofm3tal1 He is doing it that way because that's the way the picky customer wants it.

  7. john branski


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